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● Antique Sideboard

Item: Antique Sideboard (Circa 1880)
Dimentions: W 79" x D 28" x H 94.5" 
Available: Now 
Price: $ 2,999

010 sideboard

Circa 1800 – 1900 Antique Cupboard, Austrian. Combination of deeply carved vertical columns and tasteful panels.

The entire sideboard measures 97 inches tall, 78 inches wide and 28 inches deep. The base is 36 x 78 x 28 with three doors and three drawers. The mid-section supports the top section with four columns and a back panel, and is 10 inches high. The top section measures 50 inches tall and 16 inches deep, The middle is 50 inches tall with two shelves, with two side sections 39 inches tall 22 inches wide each, both with doors and three shelves.

Dark gray marble top has a single crack. Top section top corners chipped. A lot of storage room. Currently using part of bottom cabinet as stereo cabinet, have original back panel that will slide back in. It was purchased from an antique store in mid-Michigan and were told that it was displayed/used at Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford (museum) in Dearborn. A professinal appraiser has told us it is of Austrian origin.

● DENON Double Cassette Deck

Item: DENON Double Cassette Deck
Description: Model: DRW-50
Available: Now
Price: $50

Excellent condition and it's almost NEW! This was used only a few times.
117-DenonCassette deck1

117-DenonCassette deck2

● Thomas at the Timber Yard

Item:  Thomas at the Timber Yard
Description: Motorized road & rail system
Dimentions: Set layout size approximately 25" x 48" 
Available: Now
Price: $50

Very clean and excellent condition.
Comes with instruction manual and original box.

・Contains 5 popular Friends, including Thomas, Terence and Harold.
・Terence the Tractor really wroks, hauling and lifting the logs.
・Harold the Helicopter's propellers really spin.
・Features motorized Thomas the Tank Engine.
・Amazing, automatic log hauling, scooping, loading and dumping actions.
・Includes 8 logs and movable cargo pieces.




● Thomas Extra Rails and Parts

Item:  Thomas Extra Rails and Parts
Description: See below for detailed
Available: Now
Price: $40

- 37 Rails (Strait, Curve, Turn Out)
- Diesel, Tidmouth Milk Tank Car, SODOR Fuel Tank, Passenger Car
- Green Mountain Hillside Tunnel
- Station
- Bridge
- Small Parts
and more and more...

116-Thomas-Parts 1

116-Thomas-Parts 2

● Art - Three Men

Item: Art - Three Men
Dimentions: W 8"1/4 x D 3.5" x H 5" 
Price: $35 


● DVD ぼくらバスドライバー

Item: DVD ぼくらバスドライバー
Description: 26 Minutes / Color / NTSC
Available: Now 
Price: FREE

091-dvd-bokura-bus-driver1.jpg  091-dvd-bokura-bus-driver2.jpg

● DVD どうぶつえんのにんきもの

Item: DVD どうぶつえんのにんきもの
Description: 26 Minutes / Color / NTSC
Available: Now 
Price: FREE

092-dvd-doubtsuen-no-ninkim2.jpg  092-dvd-doubtsuen-no-ninkim1.jpg

● SyncData SDRAM 128MB

Item: SyncData SDRAM 128MB
Description: SAS6408B4E-6
Available: Now 
Price: FREE



● 2 Port Parallel Manual Switchbox

Item: 2 Port Parallel Manual Switchbox
Description: 2 Port Parallel Switch, Manual DB25 Pin Female
Available: Now 
Price: FREE


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